The Guild of St. George, Inc.

Teaching History Through Interactive Theater

Bring the Guild of St. George to your event

The Guild of St. George provides a glimpse into the lifestyle of the Elizabethan nobility: plotting, gambling, eating, drinking, dancing and singing, in a fairy tale fantasy that really happened.  The  leaders of the Guild of St. George are always looking for new opportunities to bring our historical pageant to the public.  The guild can provide a few people to bring color to a dinner party, or the complete guild to support a Renaissance Faire or Festival.  The Guild of St. George is uniquely qualified to create a true “time travel” experience and bring the glory of the Elizabethan Age to life for you.  To bring the Guild of St. George to your event, please contact the appropriate Guildmaster (see “Contacts”) for availability and cost information.  Please note that the guild generally requires at least six months notice to support any event.