The Guild of St. George, Inc.

Teaching History Through Interactive Theater

In 2003 the Guild of St. George produced a series of events at the Huntington Library, Art Collections,  and Botanical Gardens, in San Marino in conjunction with the Huntington’s “Gloriana” exhibit commemorating the life of Queen Elizabeth.  The guild presented over a dozen events, from small gatherings to a day long Elizabethan festival.  These events included many of the same elements described above for a Renaissance Faire.  The Huntington has the largest collection of Elizabethan memorabilia and manuscripts outside of England and the audience for these events included some of the top historians in the world.  The Huntington was so impressed with the quality and historical accuracy of the guild’s presentations that we have been invited back for a variety of events since then, including a day long Accession Day celebration on November 17, 2007.


(C) The Guild of St. George

The Guild of St. George has also performed at the Getty Center in Los Angeles in support of exhibits related to renaissance art.  For these events, the guild presented a staged masque that combines music, dancing, and spoken verse, in addition to in character interaction with the visitors to the museum.