The Guild of St. George, Inc.

Teaching History Through Interactive Theater

Private Events

The Guild of St. George also presents events that are open only to the members of the guild.  These events support in depth character development, including in-character experiences that support authentic interaction with our audiences. 

Field Trips

Throughout the year, the Guild of St. George organizes visits to Renaissance Faires, museums, lectures, concerts, and other events, in costume where appropriate.  These are part of the guild’s internal educational program.


Several times a year, the members of the Guild of St. George gather for a meal in character and in costume.  These allow the actors to become familiar with the manners and movements of period dining and to be comfortable in the restrictive clothing of the Elizabethan courtiers.  Food may or may not be period, but it is served and eaten in the fashion of the Elizabethans.

Dinner Dances

For Elizabethan Dinner Dances, the members of the Guild of St. George meet in a larger setting for a day long gathering that includes a period meal, dancing, singing and games, as well as character interaction.

Immersion Weekends

In 2004, members of the Guild of St. George spent a weekend at the Pelican Inn in Muir Beach.  For two days, the members remained in costume and in character; dancing, singing, eating and interacting.

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