The Guild of St. George, Inc.

Teaching History Through Interactive Theater

(c) Red Barn Productions

Renaissance Fairs

At its inception, the guild established a relationship with Kevin Patterson and “As You Like It” Productions, and portrayed the Elizabethan court at the “Heart of the Forest” Renaissance Faires in Santa Barbara and Stafford Lake.  The guild  continues to perform at Renaissance Faires from Lake Tahoe to San Diego.  At these events, the guild provides the color and pageantry associated with the presence of the Elizabethan aristocracy and the Queen herself.  A typical day begins with a prayer service taken directly from the 1559 Book of Common Prayer.  The morning is a time for games and interacting in character with the audience, followed by a dinner at mid-day.  The afternoon might feature some court dancing or singing, an afternoon “banquet” of sweets, and more interaction with the audience.  If the Queen is present, the guild members support her in any way needed, including participating in a welcoming procession or staged show.  Finally, the day might end with more singing or dancing, or with an evening prayer service to bring down the curtain.