The Guild of St. George, Inc.

Teaching History Through Interactive Theater


The Guild of St. George embraces the things that are lovely, charming, and noble about the past.  The guild brings to life the great persons and minds of Elizabethan England: Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir William Cecil, Lord Burghley, Sir Phillip Sidney, Lord Admiral Howard, the fair Geraldine, the formidable Mildred Cooke, the dashing Sir Humphrey Gilbert.  The guild presents these notables in their daily pursuits: statecraft and scheming, dancing and fighting, reading and reciting, praying and cursing.  Real people, yet larger than life, living in an heroic age.

The cast of characters presented by the Guild of St. George is customized for each event.  In all cases, however, the characters presented are chosen for accuracy and relevancy to the time being portrayed.  Wherever possible, the guild presents a complete spectrum of the aristocratic world, including retainers, servants, chaplains and other characters that illustrate the social strata so important to understanding past societies.  For most events, we deliberately limit the number of highly ranked characters so that these few can be properly supported by the rest of the cast in a way that demonstrates the Elizabethan social structure.