The Guild of St. George, Inc.

Teaching History Through Interactive Theater

At the center of all that we do is accurate and beautiful Elizabethan costumes.  The guild utilizes jewel tones for both historical accuracy and to provide a signature look.  Under the direction of award winning designers, the costumes worn by the guild are based on renaissance portraits and incorporate an attention to detail that makes them visually stunning both from a distance and at close quarters.

The Guild of St. George portrays the upper layers of a society where clothing was the mark of social status.  The costumes worn by the members of the guild must therefore be elegant, highly decorated, and perfectly tailored.  At the same time, all clothing must be absolutely authentic to the historic reality of the Elizabethan age.  Because the guild portrays a limited period of time, our clothing can and must reflect the specifics of fashion, in most cases that of the mid 1570’s.  While some characters might wear clothing that is “out of style” and others would wear the “latest” thing, our clothes must have enough constancy to reinforce the scenario of the show.

(c) The Guild of St. George

The costumes worn by the Guild of St. George are created or commissioned by each participating member.  The guild’s expert costume coordinators assist, oversee, and approve all costumes.  The guild has access to a wide variety of tailors, fabric sources, and other costuming elements and has extensive written costume guidelines that provide the information needed to make costumes to the guilds exacting standards.  While the guild does not insist that costumes be hand sewn using narrow cloth made on hand looms, all costumes must look as if they were made without modern technology.  Each design element must be traceable to an Elizabethan source, especially period portraiture, but might also include period pattern books or designs used in architecture.  All costume designs, including fabric selections, trims, and style, must be presented to the costume coordinators and approved prior to being worn at a Guild of St. George performance.