The Guild of St. George, Inc.

Teaching History Through Interactive Theater


The Guild of St. George is incorporated in the State of California as a public benefit educational corporation eligible to receive tax deductible donations under tax code section 501(C)(3).  The corporation is governed by a board of directors that includes a president, secretary, treasure, and an executive director, or “guildmaster”, for each chapter.  At the present, there are two chapters of the guild, one in Southern California and one in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Each chapter is administered by a guildmaster, assisted by regional directors.  Generally this includes a theatrical director, an educational director, and a communications coordinator, although this structure is at the guildmaster’s discretion.   The chapters are generally between twenty-five and fifty people in size, however, the number of people that participate in any specific event will depend on the nature of the event and each member’s interest and availability.


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